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The Allan Chesang Foundation

Allan Chesang Foundation was established in 2015 as a registered non-profitable organization with the aim of transforming the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable people through socially and economically inclusive programmes that maximize their opportunities.

One of the most impactful initiatives the foundation has undertaken was during the Covid pandemic. The Allan Chesang Foundation took the initiative to conduct fumigation in Trans-Nzoia County to help mitigate the spread of the virus. The team went around the county conducting fumigation at multiple public institutions, and as a result, an estimated 600 public institutions were fumigated in the fight against COVID-19.


Since its inception, the Allan Chesang Foundation together with its key stakeholders has implemented various projects in Trans Nzoia County that are aimed at uplifting the well-being of Trans Nzoia residents as well as addressing global challenges such us climate change, gender, poverty, and health. These projects have targeted the most vulnerable in the society including; The sick, People Living with Disability (PLWD), and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

In addition to the fumigation initiative, the Allan Chesang Foundation is also deeply concerned about Climate change and has taken action to protect the environment. The foundation hosts the Allan Chesang Marathon which aims to raise awareness about the need to plant more trees in Trans-Nzoia County. The foundation intends to plant 10 million trees in the next five years to help combat deforestation and improve the environment.

The Allan Chesang Foundation also focuses on providing education scholarships to needy students. They work with local schools and communities to identify students who are in need of financial assistance to continue their education. The foundation provides scholarships for primary, secondary, and tertiary education to help these students overcome financial barriers and achieve their educational goals.


The foundation also partners with local organizations and government agencies to provide vocational training and job placement services for young people. This helps to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to secure sustainable employment and improve their livelihoods.

The Allan Chesang Foundation also works to promote health and wellness in the community. They provide health education and awareness campaigns on important topics such as maternal and child health, nutrition, and disease prevention. They also work with local healthcare providers to provide free or low-cost healthcare services to underserved communities.

The foundation is led by a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of the people they serve. They have a strong system of monitoring and evaluation in place to ensure that their programs are achieving the desired results, and they are transparent and accountable in their operations.

Overall, the Allan Chesang Foundation is making a significant impact in the lives of children and families in need in Trans-Nzoia County and beyond. Their programs and initiatives are tailored to meet the specific needs of the communities they serve, and they are committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Our Objectives

Environment Conservation & Clean Energy

Health & Well Being



Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy


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Our Achievements

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Medical Mobile Outreaches Held.

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Girls reached in the Distribution of sanitary towels.

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Households supported in Jiggers Eradication Programme.

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Schools & Churches Fumigated during COVID.

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Trees Planted to combat climate change.