Kids enjoying clean water drilled by us.


Water is the essence of life , an invaluable resource that sustains ecosystems, nourishes crops and quenches thirst among many other uses. The Allan Chesang Foundation is providing essential solutions to help combat the water shortage in different parts of Trans-Nzoia county to compensate the growing demand for water due to population growth and, ensure a reliable and sustainable water supply. We are doing this by drilling boreholes in different schools in all the five constituencies.

We are aiming at archiving water security especially to the marginalized and vulnerable parts of Trans-Nzoia county. While many rely on public water supply systems, these sources can be unreliable but by drilling boreholes to these schools, it only reduce dependence on external sources but also safeguard against witnessed water shortages and emergencies.

Through partnerships, we have so far drilled over twenty boreholes in different schools in different constituencies which include six in Cherangany, two in Endebess, sixteen in Kwanza and 4 more to be drilled in Saboti and Kimini constituencies.

These boreholes have been a great step in not only Educational support for the kids but also health in terms of hygiene and agricultural produce for schools.  A way that ensures the schools of food security through irrigation of crops.

We as a foundation are stepping up to ensure that the lives of our people is improved all around. Water is every child’s basic need. By ensuring that these vulnerable schools have access to water, we are also assured of prevention of water borne diseases through basic measures such as washing hands, clean drinking water among other measures that protect the kids from the risks of diseases like Cholera.

Boreholes are reliable water sources and also has positive environmental implications such as zero pollution and not subject to risks of contamination.

In most of these schools that our foundation has drilled boreholes, communities suffer from water scarcity, limited infrastructure and inadequate sanitation facilities, however these boreholes that we have drilled have addressed these challenges by providing local sources of clean water.

Partnerships is the only way for us as a foundation to archive such milestones. Moreover, during natural disasters and humanitarian crises, these boreholes will serve as lifelines and supply water to affected population. Therefore, it will not only serve the schools, but also help the community at large in the long-run.

Our founder, arrived at the decision to drill these boreholes that goes beyond personal convenience in order to empower and shape a county where water is not just a privilege but a fundamental human right. As the famous philosopher H. Audan said, “thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” 

Our foundation will ensure that every vulnerable school in Trans-Nzoia county has access to clean water and, we are grateful to everyone who is working tirelessly to ensure that this vision is coming to reality.

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