The Official Launch of the Free medical Camp, Second edition.


The second edition of the free medical camp has happened at the Kitalale Bible Community Church in Kinyoro ward, Saboti constituency. It has been one of its kind because besides the medical camp, we did jiggers eradication campaign in different villages in Kitalale and also built houses for the less privileged. This medical camp has been close to our hearts because we experienced a personal level interaction with our people from Trans-Nzoia and the adjacent counties.

The Allan Chesang foundation teamed with the Ashley Estrada Ministry from the United Stares, together with other local partners and medics for a free medical camp.

The launch happened on the 23rd of  October 2023, at the Kitalale bible community church in kinyoro ward, Saboti constituency. This free camp has been the second one done in 2023 after our previous free medical camp earlier in the year.

Our team attended to over 8 thousand patients with different medical needs in a span of 4 days. This is a huge turn out given that the area of jurisdiction for the medical camp was in a interior village in Kinyoro ward. Our founder, Hon. Allan Chesang, launched this free medical camp which offered not only lab services, physical examination and, other medical services, but also administered free medication to the patients after diagnosis.

Moreover, the jiggers eradication campaign happened in different villages and over four thousand kids  affected with extreme jiggers were attended to. The jiggers were medically removed,the wounds cleaned, given shoes to avoid contact with infections and the houses sprayed with pesticides. Jiggers is a menace to this villages in the interior parts of the country and the Allan Chesang foundation is committed to help as many kids as we can.

The kids are affected to a point that they can not attend school.

In addition, the construction of houses in different parts of Saboti Constituency took place and more than 20 houses have so far been constructed. This has been a game changer for it has seen more than fifteen households dignified through decent housing.

The medical camp has been an eye opener to us as a foundation for we identified key areas that require us to focus more on in our up coming medical camps. We are committed to ensuring better healthcare for the people of Trans-Nzoia. The patients with extreme cases were referred in different hospitals in Trans-Nzoia county.

The free medical camp has been agreed upon to be an annual camp to give us more insights on the areas affecting the people more, consistent diagnostic and eradication of diseases through partnerships and collaborations. The team is confident that the next medical camp will be bigger and, better.

The Allan Chesang Foundation is open to partnerships from all over the globe to work together and better the lives of our people in and outside of Trans-Nzoia county, not only in the health sector but in every sector.

We thank all our partners who made this a success.

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